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IBW Weld Heads

The ability to complete a weld from the inside can very often provide the solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem. This can be achieved in a variety of ways using modified standard OD weld heads or dedicated internal bore welding (IBW) heads. Applications typically require torch assemblies that are tailored to suit the reach and diameter necessary to access the weld joint.

Some applications such as heat exchangers with back face IBW welds have been around around for a number of years. However, the equipment and expertise required to successfully apply the process in this way can be difficult to source.

In recent years we have provided specialised equipment and application engineering for a number of IBW projects for the aerospace, power generation and nuclear industries.

Outline drawing showing an Orbitec IBW weld head for a back face tube to tubesheet application (photo shows the torch end at the joint prior to fitting the tube for welding).