Evo Cool Water Cooling Unit (Autorange)

Item No: 1.3.8000

EVO Cool Water Cooling Unit, Item number: 1.3.8000

Water-cooling unit for use with with EVO WP & EVO Lite in conjunction with water-cooled weld heads and torches.

  • Autoranging (110-220VAC)
  • Standalone or continuous operation modes
  • Temperature-regulated fan control
  • Integrated flow meter provides water flow rate monitoring output to EVO controller

Technical Data:

Supply voltage                        110 – 240 V (1.4 – 0.6A)
Cooling system                       F/IP23
Weight (without coolant)      10.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)         500 x 340 x 190 mm
Cooling efficiency                   1.000 W (1 l/min)
Max. tank capacity                 approx. 4 l
Max. flow rate                         4 l/min
Max. outlet pressure              3.5 bar
Mains frequency                     50 / 60 H

Package includes:

  • Water cooling unit
  • Inverter / cooling unit (permanently mounted) connection cable
  • Fasteners for EVO series
  • 4 l blueCool 10i-5 coolant
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