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ORS115 Portable Cutting Saw

A precise 90° cut is essential for orbital welding joint preparation. The ORS115 orbital tube saw is designed to produce cuts suitable for use with the orbital welding process.

Tripod stand and replacement blades also available.


  • Portable light weight unit
  • Flash-free square cut
  • 2 pc cast & CNC machined aluminium clamping system
  • Multiple clamping points on the tube OD provides deformation-free clamping
  • Ideal for cutting thin-walled tubes and elbows
  • Saw blade located close to the clamps to provide an optimal cut even with small tube diameters
  • Blade position indicator for marking the cutting position

Package includes:

  • Orbital saw and drive unit
  • 1 saw blade
  • Mounting kit
  • Tool wallet and tools
  • 1 bottle of cutting lubricant
  • Transportation box with foam inlay (600x800x600)
  • Operation manual

Orbital Saw ORS 115-220VAC, Item No. 1.2.4503

Orbital Saw ORS 115-110VAC, Item No. 1.1.4503