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RBK60S Tube to Tubesheet Weld Head

RBK 60 S Weld Head

The RBK60S is an extremely robust water-cooled welding head for standard heat exchanger applications up to 60mm ID (up to 99mm or 120mm ID with optional tooling), for welding of tube to tube sheet joints with inside and outside fillets with flush fitted, recessed and protruding tubes. This weld head is available in 3 configurations as follows:

RBK60S-F, fusion applications only
with pneumatic centring, including hose package, 8m, water-cooled
Item No: 1.3.3702

RBK60S-W, fusion and wire feed applications
with pneumatic centring and wire feeder incl. hose package, 8m, water-cooled
Item No: 1.3.3701

RBK60S-WA, fusion and wire feed application with AVC (Arc Voltage Control)
with pneumatic centring, wire feeder and AVC incl. hose package, 8m, water-cooled
Item No: 1.3.3700

All weld heads require a mandrel (spring sleeve) to suit the tube hole diameter to be welded along with a balancer (especially for vertical tube sheet applications), alternately a pneumatic positioner can be used instead of a balancer. Technical data and additional information can be found on the pdf download below.