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Tigtronic Turn 300 Turn Table System

A turn table system for welding small non-standard components and assemblies, suitable for small and large batch work and development welding (wire feed and AVC available dependent on controller being used).

Package includes:

  • Turn table
  • Bed-plate with assorted fixings and positional plate
  • Multi-positional torch arm for infinite adjustment of torch position
  • TIG-torch Bracket
  • TIG-torch
  • 8.5mtr cable assembly & ground cable
  • Cable for connection to Tigtronic controller with Orbifeed plug
  • Chuck key

Turn 300, Item No. 1.2.1801


  • Size range: 10mm OD up to 300mm OD
  • Hollow shaft (Dia. 70mm) for purging components through the centre
  • Step less positional adjust from horizontal through vertical High quality three-jaw chuck
  • Can be used with AVC (arc voltage control) – (additional components required in conjunction with the Tigtronic Basic 3, Orbital 3 or Integral controllers).
  • Additional automation such as pneumatic clamping, tailstock support available on request.