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Tungsten Electrodes

Advantages SuperArc, WC 20:

  • Consistent electrode quality
  • Surface finish at the tungsten tip <RzD3
  • Reliable arc starting
  • High durability
  • Optimum control of the arc
  • Environmentally neutral (non-radioactive)
  • Highest availability

Tungstens for open frame weld heads OSW and OSZ-series:

  • OSW 40: 20-35mm
  • OSW 80-170: 35-50mm

Tungstens for enclosed weld heads:

Tungsten´s SuperArc Ø1.6mm x Length 10-89mm, Item No. 1.2.0200 + Length

Tungsten´s SuperArc Ø2.4mm x Length 10-89mm, Item No. 1.2.0201 + Length

Down load the PDF for Tungsten Length vs OSK weld head listings