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Collets for OSK Weld Heads

Available for immediate delivery:

We maintain a large stock of collets for all enclosed weld heads covering all the standard DIN, ISO and ASME OD Tube sizes.

1 set for each outside diameter = 4 collets

Collets for OSK21-G/C/CS/CW, Item No. 1.3.2321 + Ø

Collets for OSK38-G/C/CS/CW, Item No. 1.3.2021 + Ø

Collets for OSK53-G/GW/S/SW/HD, Item No. 1.3.2521 + Ø

Collets for OSK76-G/GW/S/SW/HD, Item No. 1.3.2621 + Ø

Collets for OSK115-G/GW/S/SW/HD, Item No. 1.3.2721 + Ø

Non-standard sizes and ‘specials’ are available on request.